Gigalot: In The Spirit Of Reciprocity August 11 2014

by Shirley Kine -

Thirty years ago, I had prepared my first financial statements for a hobby business. More as a necessary evil, records were needed to reflect the viability of that venture. I far more enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the business, and the benefits the people enjoyed from working for themselves. By also generating the financial statements for this and other businesses they created over the next thirty years, I was also able to watch their wealth and businesses grow into a formidable force.

This was not my only business I saw grow. One by one, more hobbyists came forward. Enough so that I was able to create a living by developing micro-enterprise.

Oh, the many things I learned. Even social problems could be addressed through a business model.

In gratitude for my path, the learning, the livelihood and in the spirit of giving back, our online micro-entrepreneur portal will serve as a place to market test, collaborate, learn, support each other and "shop" amongst themselves, the micro-entrepreneur. Micro-entrepreneurs will gain much needed information from this experience as to what level they can take their business, and they can self-fund their venture along the way!

Reciprocity is actually one of the Universal Laws

It involves two parties (at minimum) of which the reciprocation cannot exist without the other. Take a pair of shoes - the function is clear. Lose a shoe - and the function is gone and at best, there is imbalance. By give and take, left or right, a vital cycle of energy is created. By giving, receiving ensues and a cycle of life balance is restored.

We are pleased to create a service that supports joy, creation and independence — a resource tool giving back to the benefits we have received by working with the active micro-entrepreneur.

Join us in the reciprocity cycle and go back to the day of the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Will gratitude be expressed by a multi-national corporation or by the little guy/gal trying to send their kids to camp? Shop here amongst our micro-entrepreneurs (in various stages of development) and find out.

Here's to Reciprocity. May all the micro-entrepreneurs who gather here blossom to their full potential!

Shirley Kine has her Masters Degree in Social Work, Leadership from the University of Calgary 2008 with undergraduate degrees from U of C in Social Work, Northern, Remote and Aboriginal Specialty and Athabasca University, BGS 1994. She is a graduate of Lakeland College, Business Administration 1980. She is currently working on her MBA (Community Economic Development) from CBU with a focus on International Business.

She began "minding everyone's business" in Lloydminster, AB where she had 8 clients and stepped in where necessary while sole proprietors were away. A pull towards dealing with societal issues began very evident in the 90's as she relocated to start taking social work classes. It became very apparent how both skill sets would factor in to her becoming an Economic Development officer for a First Nation.

Her advice to any business owner is start small. See if you like it. See if you have what it takes. She most fully believes in having one foot in the employment world while growing the entrepreneur venture. She has seen many businesses start in the basement as home based industries to becoming corporate entities. She loves social enterprise where non profits also have a foot in the entrepreneurial world. specialty in Complexity Science will always lead clients to Win Win situations. Why not do both??? No one said "Either - or"?