5 Tips for Flawless Destination Events September 23 2014

Destination weddings are becoming very popular. According to Huffington Post Weddings, “More than 2 million American couples wed every year and just under 25 percent plan destination I do’s”... read more at Event Planners Association

Dysfunctional Family? You'd Make a Great Entrepreneur September 23 2014

Most successful founders are no strangers to chaos and stress. In fact, they learned how to deal with it gracefully at a very young age... read more at Inc.

It's Time For The Sharing Economy To Become The Sharing Society September 23 2014

Freelancers are powering the sharing economy, but they’re not in the driver’s seat. It’s time for independent workers to take their rightful reigns and steer this new marketplace in a more sustainable direction. That starts with applying the ethos of freelancing to solve the challenges of collaborative... read more at Fast Company

Sorry, Unions: Franchises Are Real Small Businesses, Too September 22 2014

If the Obama Administration has its way, Ronald McDonald may soon have to wipe that grin off his face as he stands beneath the Golden Arches. One of the most successful models for expanding small-business ownership in America is under full-scale attack from unions and the White House... read more at The Daily Signal