Frequently asked questions

1.  What is a gig?

Gigs are opportunities to provide your product or service for sale, e.g. to destination event planners.

2.  What are some examples?

Festivals, destination weddings, pop-up markets, conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, home parties, music events, fairs, corporate retreats, and so on.

3.  Why gig?

Gigs are supplements to your regular income.

4.  Who determines the exchange for a gig?

Gigalot does not get involved in this process — we are strictly a listing and marketing service. We drive eyeballs to your gig. The rest is up to you, whether you negotiate a contract or barter an exchange.

All negotiations are between:  the individual or business providing the product/service and the individual or business purchasing them. Those two parties settle on the monetary value of each gig, and in some cases may barter.

5.  Why does Gigalot charge a registration fee for each registered gig?

Each gig is registered based on search-ability. We want your gig to be found. We also want you to carefully choose your relevant key words to improve search-ability. This also encourages those who are serious and committed when listing their gig in our directory.

6.  Why do I need to register my gig in more than one location (if I am mobile or also have retail locations)?

Event planners will be searching location first, and products and services second most likely. Gigs can be retail or mobile. You may offer your gig in one or several locations. Please be aware that licensing may play a part and once again, it is your responsibility to check with your local business licensing regulators.

7.  I am an event planner. How will Gigalot help me?

By organizing gigs by location, Gigalot provides a catalog of services for wherever your destination event may be.

8.  Do I need a website to gig?

No, you do not need a website. Many gig-ers operate word-of-mouth from their home, and may not have a website. Gigalot connects micro-preneurs with or without a website. You will however, need to list your contact information when registering your gig(s) so event planners and the like know where to find you.

9.  Do I need a formal business to gig?

You would likely be issued a T4A (Canada) for your earnings. Once you have gigged a few times you may want to formalize your specialty into a business. We suggest you line up with one of business coaches on our site to determine if this is a feasible approach for you.

10.  Are gigs taxable?

In Canada T4A's are usually dispersed for gigs exceeding $500 CAD. If you are located outside of Canada, it is your responsibility to check with your local tax regulator as this amount varies in other geographic regions.

11.  Does Gigalot pre-screen gigs for safety and do back-ground checks?

We are simply a directory of gig-able services. You can search our gig directory to find Gigalot Citizens who provide these types of due diligence and screening services. We recommend that all parties practice standard safety precaution, e.g. vetting prior to engaging in a gig agreement. Any gig that involves vulnerable population sectors should require the provision of a vulnerable populations criminal check and is between the person providing the gig and the person purchasing the gig. Gigalot does not get involved in this process — we are strictly a listing and marketing service.

Please contact us if your questions have not been answered above.