our story

Once upon a time...

One day not too long ago Shirley Kine, owner of Big Shoes Social Enterprise Inc. was looking at her long list of certifications, and she was intent on putting them to good use. Those certifications include a Masters Degree in Social Work (leadership), MBA Community Economic Development (International) in progress, and Feng Shui Practitioner, to name a few.

Living in a destination community, Shirley knew if she could get the word out to people traveling to her city, she'd be able to find more gigs for her company (workshops, markets) — gigs that bring value-add to the visitor's experience. She also knows a whole lot of other folks who could create value for visitors in the same fashion.

Being a huge organizer and a small business developer, Shirley saw Gigalot's immediate value. It could also be a market testing portal for small business products and services.

Gigalot.ca promotes the "little guy or gal" who needs a hand up!

Note that gigs (consumer products and services) on this website may be in a micro-entrepreneurial phase as many are produced in homes and garages and basements for sale at farmer's markets, fairs and the like. By sourcing here as a consumer, you save huge overhead, plus you help local small businesses (micro-entrepreneurs) get off the ground.

Create your Gigalot account here then map your gig. Who knows, you may make a brand new friend!

As for gig-ers, development assistance is available to help further grow your business. Where do you find these gurus? By searching the gig map of course.

Happy gig-ing!


Disclaimer: all due diligence and negotiations are your responsibility. Please exercise internet safety precautions where necessary.