map your gig

Come hither and be seen!

Got a gig or multiple gigs? Want to gig a lot? Destination event planners may be looking for your product or service right now!

We realize that economic development is a process, and not everyone is the same — some entrepreneurs are introverts, and others not so much. Let us be your voice! We’ll get your gig in front of event planners and more.

Packages to fit the needs of micro-entrepreneurs at every stage:

  1. SEER – designed to help individuals who have an idea and find out what its' potential is — to test the market. Upgrade to the TINKER package when you’re ready to take the idea to a small business level.
  2. TINKER (coming soon) – where the shape-shifting has occurred. The business creation started with an idea and formulated into a micro-enterprise. Now you're ready to you herald to the world your new-found business name and coordinates.
  3. MERCHANT – for established small businesses (registered) wanting to expand their market. *limited time offer available until 1,111 gigs are registered on the map > 50% off while in BETA
  4. STORYTELLER – custom profile with more information about your micro-enterprise. Perfect for those without a website! Some may refer to this as a landing page.

Choose the pack that fits your needs best, then click here to Map Your Gig!