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Privacy and Personal Information Protection

Gigalot fully respects your right to privacy. All business practices of Gigalot adhere to applicable Canadian Federal law, and specifically the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) 2004. Any information you supply is held in confidence, protected and will not be used or disclosed.

As a viewer or user of this website, certain information is automatically retrieved from you concerning your browsing behavior. This is done seamlessly without any degradation of the website’s performance or your computer’s.

No user identification is sought or provided by these systems. The only way we can know who you are is if you choose to communicate with us via our website or email. We monitor website traffic and activity only to ensure that our offering is timely and up-to-date.

Any information gathered is statistical in nature and retained in complete privacy. It will not be sold or otherwise distributed. Any other information you supply via this website is treated in complete confidence and neither will it be sold or in any way marketed.

Policy for Gig-ers

Gigalot is a public site and is therefore, G-rated. The following activities are prohibited on this website:

  • Deliberately misleading information
  • Products and services that are illegal to own, purchase and sell
  • Postings that contain adult, mature or erotic content
  • Personal ads are not permitted

Citizens must be at least 16 years of age to post on the gig map. Listings that do not comply with Gigalot's Policy will be deleted. All products and services purchased and sold must abide by applicable laws and regulations in the geographic region(s) posting. Citizens are responsible for ensuring that compliance is met, and that all laws relating to their products and services are honored.

All listings are pre-approved by our Review Committee prior to going live on the gig map.